The Movie


Film Title:

Walker: Beyond Limits

Format and Length

Short Documentary, 23 minutes


Doc Style

Interactive. The doc style will be similar to Zig: You Were Born To Win.

Log Line

Quadriplegic at the age of 14 Trenell Walker re-discovered his purpose to inspire many into achieving their best and overcoming self-limiting beliefs.


Tell Trenell Walker story of struggle and transformation from a vigorous, young and poised to a very successful football player, to a transformational thinker. Show the world and inspire young audiences that overcoming adversities is a choice and the tools to do so are already inside their heads. The Trenell Effect transforms lives that were stagnant into vibrant, lively and happy lives. Trenell wants to shout to the world they too can do it because limits are only a figment of one’s imagination.


Walker is a documentary about Trenell Walker whose life was completely transformed at the age of 14 when he became quadriplegic. Through the testimonials of family, friends, caretakers, coaches, and doctors, his inspirational story of incredible perseverance and positive thinking is now inspiring many to transform their lives and go beyond their limits.


Participants/Stars in the Walker Film

  • Trenell Walker
  • Verna Williams – Mother and caregiver
  • Artez Parramore – Brother and caregiver
  • Marva Rambo – Cousin
  • Chris Segrest – Best Friend and Fellow Team Member
  • Coach Denny Callahan – Boys Club Coach
  • Coach Lester Fleming – Middle school Coach
  • Coach Drew Young – SHS defensive coordinator 1995
  • Tom Ziglar – CEO Ziglar Inc., Son of American Legend Zig Ziglar
  • John Rouse- Friend of Trennell, Care Giver himself, Ziglar Legacy Certified Coach, Business Owner, and Executive Producer
  • Everson Walls –NFL Defensive Back for Dallas Cowboys, the New York Giants, and the Cleveland Browns